Join Us in Opposing the Proposed Repeal of Immigration Consultants in California (AB638)

Assembly Member Caballero has proposed a bill that will prohibit Immigration Consultants in the State of California. This bill is numbered AB 638.   This bill is set to be heard before the Assembly Judiciary Committee on Tuesday April 18, 2017 in Sacramento.

If this bill is passed not only will it effect thousands of immigration consultant's livelihood, it will also prevent thousands of immigrants from obtaining affordable non-legal immigration assistance.  This will ultimately hinder the process of obtaining legal status and successfully assimilating into society.


Immigration Consultant Businesses and the Lives of Immigrants are at Risk!

If passed, this bill will prohibit persons to act as an Immigration Consultant for profit.  This means that Immigration Consultants will be eliminated in the State of California.

In addition, this legislation denies thousands of immigrants access to affordable immigration services.  As a result, they will have to hire a costly attorney (which many cannot afford), forfeit obtaining immigration benefits, or they will be forced to seek low-cost alternatives from people who are no longer trained or regulated by the state.  This is a catalyst for fraud and irreparable harm to our most vulnerable community members.

NAIP has already sent a letter of opposition to the Assembly that demonstrates how valuable Immigration Consultants are to the community and why AB638 will not stop unethical or fraudulent people from harming the public.

It is critical that they hear from ethical Immigration Consultants that follow the law and that are dedicated to helping people.  They need to hear the success stories from you and your clients to demonstrate the value of Immigration Consultants in the community.

I am an Immigration Consultant, how I can help ensure that this does not become law?

BEFORE Tuesday, April 11, 2017:

  1.   Write or call your State Assembly Member.
  2.   Write or call the Bill Sponsor's Legislative Director - Adriana Zerio (Email: (Ph: 916-319-2030)
  3.   Write or call the Judiciary Committee contact Anthony Lew (Email: (Ph: 916-319-2334)

ATTEND THE HEARING ON TUESDAY, APRIL 18, 2017 @ 9:00AM and provide testimony to the Committee.  The hearing is being held at the State Capitol in Room 437 in Sacramento. (Click here for address and directions)

Click Here to Read AB 638

Click Here to Read NAIP's Letter Opposing AB 638

Click Here to Send Assemblymember Caballero a Message

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